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Unemployment is one the biggest socioeconomic problems in Bangladesh. Every year on an average 20 lakh people enter the job market. But new jobs are not being created accordingly in order to accommodate this huge number of workforce. Moreover, the unemployment rate among youths with higher education is much higher than national average of unemployment. But it is a matter of hope that 4th industrial revolution (4IR) is going to open up new jobs and areas of employment that never existed before. So, in the context of 4IR, we have to develop our workforce with new skills required for the job market.

In this context, Office of the Student Affairs and Career Services of Presidency University has introduced a new club titled Job Seekers Club for Presidency graduates. Final year students and recent graduates of Presidency University are eligible to become members of this club. Our motto is to help our students so that they can penetrate job market more efficiently and grow in their respective career. Primarily the club will work focusing four targets:

Employability Skills Development: The club will arrange seminars, workshops, symposium focusing on those skills which are highly valued by the employers. Another aspect of the program is that it will enable our students to be more productive in workplace.

Corporate Networking: The club will offer opportunities to its members to establish effective network with professionals. As a result, members will get ample opportunities to learn practical knowledge from the professionals that will make them more employable. Besides this, a strong corporate network will help our students grow faster in their career.

Mentorship: Each and every single members of the club will get one-on-one mentoring facility. Mentors will help them grow in their career by sharing knowledge and guidance.

Internship and placement facility: Our final goal is to provide intern and placement facility to the members of the job seekers club.

Presidency University Job Seekers Club will run at least 5 sessions on employability skills per week and each session will be two-hour long. Members are highly recommended to attend all the sessions. If not possible, each member has to attend at least three sessions per week.

Presidency University Job Seekers Club will be evolved over time according to the demand of 4th Industrial Revolution. We do hope that it will add a new dimension in the club practice of Bangladesh.

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Category Club
Start Date Nov 30, 2022
End Date Nov 30, 2022
Start Time 11:30am
End Time 02:44am